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La Métairie des Elfes is a boarding kennel opened to all breeds of dogs and cats on a daily basis, at week-ends, on a weekly or monthly basis, during your holidays or during a long-term hospitalization, a quarantine or otherwise.


Small-size dogs will be boarded in a room specially arranged for them, laid out as an extension to the dwelling-house. Bigger dogs have their own room in loose pens of about 7 m² with a couch made of a rot-proof material as a prevention against flea and other parasite infestation.
To help your pet overcome bonding stress, we advise you to bring its favourite toy, blanket or any other object.
Recreational parks are also designed to allow dogs to stretch their paws and the most social of them can run freely around the whole property; our plot of land spreads over 8 000 m², which is ideal to let steam off while playing with balls. Less social dogs are walked on the leash at least three times a day around the property or along close-by alleys, as the farm-house is situated in the middle of the countryside, with no road in its proximity. The plot of land is surrounded by a two-meter high fence, which somewhat prevents the dogs from running away.


Away from the dog pens, the cattery comprises eleven entirely closed spacious pens where your cat can play on a cat-tree, hide inside a small cat hideaway, rest on a little cosy catnapping sofa and scratch on a scratching-pad to let steam off.
Cat food is either dry food or cans, depending on your pet’s habits. We never let cats go out, so that they cannot run away, but we treat them with cuddles and strokes several times a day.

New Pets

Our farm-house boards all types of pets, hamsters, birds, dwarf rabbits, and why not iguanas and even gold fishes. Regardless of the animal type, you must bring it in its cage, case, aquarium or vivarium, with its usual food.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 12.00am and 2pm to 6.30pm,
Sunday (and public holidays) 2pm to 6.30pm.

For any further information, read the “Fees” and “Legal Mentions” pages.


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La Métairie des Elfes also offers its guests the possibility to have a bath at the end of their stay and to be groomed before the expected meeting with their family again. We can also groom dogs that are not staying with us.

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